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14.01 Principles of Macroeconomics is the second Course 14 Economics (Business) (Economics) class I was required to take. This was under Prof. Giavazzi at MIT as a Sophomore spring semester, but I never met the professor.

Class Review

This class was an absolute train wreck. See 14.02 Complaint Letter for the letter I sent to the head of the department regarding the class. Also I disliked the class because of its focus on math taught you very little economics. The course reviews for this class are awful as well. The department head said he was organizing a committee to review the course (and hopefully how economics is taught at MIT).


Notes Quality

This class was a train wreck. The notes are probably not very good, because the class was not taught very well. The prior OCW notes are probably for a class that was taught totally different. You could use any textbook to get a good background for this version of the class.