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8.02/Physics: Electricity and Magnetism is the Course 8 Physics (Science)a class I took with Dr. Hudson at MIT as a Freshman spring semester. This class is TEAL enhanced

Open Course Ware (with video) from 2002 Open Course Ware from 2007 (more like the class I took)

Textbook: Young and Friedman, Sears and Zemansky's University Physics Volume One 12th Edition, Pearson, Addison Wesley, San Francisco, 2007. Online course notes

Class website: http://mit.edu/8.02t/www/

Notes from class should be fairly accurate. I did not use the textbook; but I did use the course notes a lot. They are not a good first read however. The problem sets with the solutions given are helpful. Make sure you understand the concepts and what is going on in each problem. Do problem, after problem until you are sick.

Notebook (vast majority of work): Unit 1 Part 1, Unit 1 Part 2, Unit 2 Part 1, Unit 2 Part 2, Unit 3 Part 1, Unit 3 Part 2, Unit 3 Part 3