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SeniorQuoter is an open source PHP web application, I founded to collect senior quotes for high school yearbooks. It's hosted on SourceForge along with the SVN repository. Documentation and more are available at it's website is SeniorQuoter was originally developed for Haverford High School's yearbook Greystones.

SeniorQuoter will be the focus of the Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study at Haverford High School in 11th Grade.


  • Basic quote submission (1.0)
    • You can use PHPmyAdmin (not included, better way coming soon) to import list of students
    • Assign each one a unique 10 digit password
    • Distribute passwords to students
    • Students go to website and enter code to enter their quote
  • Students can edit quotes later by re-entering their code
  • Optional Character Limit on quotes (1.2)
  • Optional Terms and Conditions displayed which students must agree to (1.2)



SeniorQuoter Enter Code.png SeniorQuoter Enter Quote.png SeniorQuoter 2.0beta1 Color.png