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On 11/24/2006 (Black Friday) I went out and bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 [1]. I bought it mostly to edit images, not orginize them. I keep my digital camera photos on a different computer. I may also install it on that computer to orginize the photos (You get 2 computers).


Before I got Photoshop, I used the following collection of apps to organize my photos:


I installed the demo the day before and was amazed. The magnet tool was cool and so was the UI. I am not really going to use the Organize section. However, the editing past seemed very well designed. It seemed to be able to replace my other programs. But the entire program also seemed very heavy. I am taking a independent study 4th Quarter of 10th Grade, I plan on using much of that time learning Photoshop. I want to know all of those levels things and histograms.

I decided to buy it. When I opened it, I tried to put my serial number into the trial. It wouldn't accept it. I tried to call the phone number but they were closed. I decided to uninstall the trial and then reinstall it from the CD. This worked. I like this version of Photoshop, it seems very consumer-ish but I don't have $600 for the real Photoshop.