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Team Logo Designed by Me

Freshmenators [1] is the 9th Grade Academy team I was on for the 2005-2006 school year at Haverford High School. Because this was the first year of the 9th Grade Academy, our grade made up the name, and I designed the logo.

In late 2005, the Freshmenators held a contest to design their new logo. Mine was the only entry, so it won by default. My design is based off the room number signs at HHS. I also picked the Forte Font to be used at the logotype. And yes, the braille actually reads "Freshmenators". Also, the Haverford crest slightly leans inwards. This is a subconscious indicator, I sort-of purposely included. I also made a style guide one Saturday, but even I don't stick to it. I copyright and reserve all rights to the logo.


(information from [2])

2005-2006 School Year (First Year)

  • Ms. Vanessa Behl (IAG 2H)
    • B.S. Secondary Mathematics Education - Penn State University
    • Currently persuing Master of Educational Develop and Strategies - Wilkes University
    • Graduate of Garnet Valley High School (1999)
    • Hobbies: Playing Volleyball, Surfing, Snowboarding, Traveling, Listening to music
  • Dr. Douglas Brown (IPS)
    • B.S. Physics - West Virginia University
    • M.S., Ph.D. Experimental Physics - University of Delaware
    • Teaching Certification through West Chester Univ.
    • Interests: astronomy, photography, sports, and coaching
  • Ms. Laurie Kaiser (English 9)
    • BSED English - West Chester University
    • Currently Persuing Masters of English Arcadia University
    • Graduate of St. Hubert High School (1996)
    • Hobbies/Interests: theatre, reading, music, travel, poetry
  • Mr. Leon Smith (Western Civilization)
    • B.S. Secondary Social Studies Education- University of Maryland (Terps) !!
    • Currently Persuing Master of Education in Instructional Systems: Leadership in Technology Integration for Educators (LITI) emphasis - Penn State Great Valley Campus
    • Graduate of Upper Dublin High School (1997)
    • Hobbies/Interests: Playing/watching/coaching basketball, reading, listening to music, helping out in the community, and traveling.