MCM Club


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The MCM Club logo by Michael Gdovin.

The MCM Club is a club I had at Manoa Elementary School from about 1st Grade to the end of elementary school where it started to fall apart as there was no more recess. It still sort of lives on today, but we are no longer as good as friends. The club consisted of Michael Plasmeier, Chris Denny, and Michael Gdovin. We would sit on the swings and talk about stuff and pass the recess time. We would compare who would have the biggest company and who was better, and typical elementary kids stuff. We would fight over who got the "head" swing (the one the most to the fence).

Order of Colors

The order of the two Michaels was a constant fighting point. The sequence of colors in the logo is orange, green, blue. This corresponds to their favorite colors in the order: Plasmeier, Denny, Gdovin. Michael Gdovin refutes this point, and claims he is first. However Chris Denny, sides with Michael Plasmeier to claim that he is first.