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6.01 Intro to EECS 1 is the first Course 6 EECS (Engineering) class I took with Prof. Grimson at MIT as a Sophomore fall semester.

Class Review

I really enjoyed this class! I think I did fairly well, so notes from class should be fairly accurate. The textbook and lecture notes are very helpful. The curriculum is very well set up. The tutor is very helpful; as was the in-class help, but unfortunately you don't get that help. The professor was very good.


I was invited back to be a LA (lab assistant)

  • In line with the 6.01 collaboration policy, I will only be releasing my notebook. Remember that figuring out how to do things is the goal of this class. Reading my thought process may not be the way you were thinking, or may give too much away. If you are a student at MIT, use 6.01-help if you are unclear. If you are not at MIT, this might be your best way if you are stuck.