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AMOD GPS 3080 Logger

From Dec 2008 until July 2010 I used an AMOD 8050 GPS Logger to geolog and geotag my photos. The AMOD GPS logger, when it is on, will make a trail by recording its current position every 5 or so seconds. It is very accurate, within a few feet anywhere on earth. It works with any camera! When you connect it to your computer, you can use Jet Photo Studio to see a map of where you have been. Or you can load in your pictures and then it will match the time stamps of your photos with the GPS log. You need to have the time accurate on your camera. This is how I have geotagged many of my photos. More than half of my Flickr photos have been geotagged, including all trips in 2009. See them at my site, Geoov, which uses cluster-based mapping to provide an overview.

It is some extra work to geotag photos. I only do it when I am taking a trip on a moving vehicle. It make a good line when you are on a moving vehicle. It makes a bumpy line if you are walking. It does not work well inside and it does not work at all in a tunnel. A perfectly straight line will be displayed in most programs between the first and last recordeded points. Photos will sometimes be assigned to the list. I try to remove those points when that happends

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Trip Photos

River Line Trip.png Camden River Line Trip.png

Some Sets Mapped with AMOD