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ThePlaz-com.png Original Feature


Orignal Origins (Plasmaster P)

My nickname Plaz is from 6th Grade. Our English class with Ms. Watson was a real tight group. English took up two blocks of the day, and English was the last two blocks of the day. We grew real close. My nickname started out as Plasmaster P off my last name "Plasmeier." There was also "Spazmaster C" for another boy named Mark Clinton. He would get all angry all of a sudden. One day Ms. Watson mispronounced Plasmeier as Plasmaster. Everybody laughed, and from then on it stuck.

Evolution to Plaz

My nickname got shortened over the years to just "Plaz" and now everybody calls me that. Even teachers, normally call me that. I never first introduce myself to teachers with my nickname. A real name is much more creatable. Still everybody eventually knows me as Plaz. A month ago, my Tech Ed Teacher, Mr. Hoffman, asked me what my first name was (I had him for a few months already) Also, for extracurricular stuff and activities outside of school I don't share my nickname. Everybody both at the Middle School Theater Program (in previous years) and People's Light knows me just as Michael Plasmeier. Sometimes, if I have friends in the program, they share my nickname and everybody thinks it's cool and starts to call me by it.

Change to ThePlaz for website

So, your wondering how "Plaz" turned into "ThePlaz"? Simple, was not available. Michael Gdovin, my friend suggested, or it might have been the auto-suggester of the domain registrar. And that is now my other nickname.

Logo and Club: Even farther back

In February 2006, I finally added "Plaz" to my logo. It is in Pristina font. I added it to my "M" logo which I think I have had since 3rd or 4th Grade. I always had it as part of me, my image, what I stand for. M-Michael was my "company" that I always thought would dominate the world. I remember back on the Manoa Elementary School playground with my friends Michael Gdovin and Chris Denny arguing over whose company would dominate and the MCM Club. Good times, good times.

Other nicknames


That's all for my narrative or my nickname now. Feel free to add your part of the story --Plaz 20:49, 19 April 2006 (EDT)