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15.062 Data Mining: Finding the Data and Models that Create Value is the Course 15 Management (Business) class I took with Prof. Roy E Welsch at MIT as a Senior fall semester. I dropped to listener half way though.

Class website: https://stellar.mit.edu/S/course/15/fa12/15.062/

Class Review

This class was a good overview of data mining. I wish I would have had more time to go into detail and understand the models. Many were covered in 6.034. I liked how the class focused on the practical aspects of the application of algorithms.

Should you take it

I found it pretty helpful as a way to summarize many of the models I had already heard of (say in Winston’s 6.034) but more from a user perspective. Many MIT classes dive into the cool math/CS of models. The only the math of how stuff works so that you can understand how to use the tool. It also collects a bunch of tools I had heard bits and pieces about into one class. I think many advanced MIT students know this stuff from high school, but I found it interesting and fairly review – but a helpful review/overview.


I've never managed to do a Half 2 class. By the time the class starts, I am already so hosed I don't have time to immerse myself into the material. I ended up studying only 1 day for the class when I did HW 1 and 2. I realized that I couldn't dedicate time to the class, so I dropped it.

Notes Quality

The notes started out good, then quality slipped as I realized the slides were very good. I could not post the slides for copyright reasons, however.


Data Mining for Business Intelligence, 2nd Edition (2010) by Shmueli, Patel, and Bruce