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Latin 3 Report on Commodus. Make a handout with important facts; map, poster, or PowerPoint as a visual aid; 2-5 minute presentation; have 3 sources; 3 discussion questions; activity is extra credit (I didn't do an activity)



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  • Son Marcus Aurelis and Faustina
  • Born in Lanuvium 161 CE
  • Spent teen years on the frontlines with his father
  • Educated intellectually, not militarily
  • After father’s death, surrendered to tribes, people had high hopes, thought he would rule like his father


  • Coins showed him as warrior
  • Popular for most of his rule
  • Generous
  • Taxed the Senatorial class
  • Made him popular with the people
  • But disliked in the Senate


  • Obsessed with Hercules
  • Carried lion skin and club
  • Fought in the Coliseum (always won)
    • Considered scandalous
    • Charged 1 million sesterces/fight (lots of $$)
  • Great archer
  • Refounded Rome (so he could claim himself as the founder)
  • Renamed the months to correspond with his titles
  • Renamed the population Commodianus
  • Made the years correspond to his age


  • Caesar age 5
  • Germanicus age 11
  • Imperator age 16
  • Co-Augusts age 17
  • Emperor age 19
  • God age 29
  • Dead age 31


  • Several attempts made on his life
  • On 31 December 192, an athlete Narcissus strangled him in the baths
  • Senate rolled back most of his changes
  • After him the year of the five emperors


  1. Why was Commodus murdered?
  2. Why do you think he was crazy?
  3. Did his intellectual education cause him to rebel?


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