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Conflicter (formally is a Tecker derivate dedicated to ending global conflicts through frank discussions. Conflicter was the project part of my English 10 Cultures Project and launched in 2006.

Conflicter never took off, even the Cultures Project project was canceled. I don't think anyone ever posted to Conflicter. We only had 2 questions. Looking back, it was a bad idea. It would have just descended into a flame war. Obama is finding this out - that substantive online debate does not really work and has abandoned this course after a few weeks of his presidency. The problems are too deep to be solved online - they need to be solved face to face. People of power must slowly convince their followers that working with people is the best course of action FOR them. --ThePlaz 12:17, 20 June 2009 (EDT)

This was back when I was worried about supporting non-JS users :)

The site was shut down to save on domain costs on 6/20/2009.

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