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German Troop Journal for Western Civ --Plaz 16:01, 15 May 2006 (EDT)

Word.PNGA Microsoft Word version of this work is available here: Image:German Troop Journal.doc

Dear Diary,

I am a German soldier stationed on the Western Front. We Germans planned to sneak through Belgium to quickly defeat France, who was still mad at us taking Alsace-Lorraine. However, when we snuck through Belgium, we got Great Britain mad at us. Great Britain is now helping the French fight against us. But that didn’t seem to matter until the Battle of the Marne.

We were winning almost every battle until the Battle of the Marne. We were on a roll, we were unstoppable. That is, until the Battle of the Marne. 40 miles outside of the French capital, Paris, we met the French and the British on September 5, 1914. We lost that battle for some reason. I later found out that the British had kidnapped one of our soldiers and gotten our battle plans from him.

That battle, unfortunately, ended our winning streak. After the battle, we started to build trenches. Once the other side built a trench too, we didn’t seem to move much. It was a stalemate. Every time we tried to advance, we were mowed down by machine gun fire. It soon developed in to a stalemate.

This warfare was called trench warfare. It put our Schlieffen Plan into ruins. We could not score a quick victory here at the Western Front and then run over to the Eastern Front as Russia was still mobilizing for war. We don’t think they have good technology, but we sort of underestimated them. They quickly advanced into Germany, until we arrived to drive them back.

PS. We were the Central Powers, and we were fighting the Allies.