Panasonic DMC-ZS6


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Stock photo

After all of my troubles with the Samsung HZ30W I bought off Woot, I decided I should replace it. The streak on the photos was annoying me. I had just gone on vacation to Montreal, and the streak was in all of my photos. (link) With my upcoming time in New York City, I decided to replace the camera. I was debating replacing the camera with the exact model, since I initially liked it. However, I saw another refurb deal on Woot for a very similar camera. I decided to gamble and get the other camera. SnapSort has a very nice comparison It was $139.

When I got the camera, I had second thoughts about opening in, because my next door neighbor had an SLR. I was debating getting one, but it was too much $$ and I prefer having a small camera, because I like being able to take quick photos. I opened it and went on a walk with all 3 cameras to compare them. I was especially interested in seeing if the Panasonic was as good as my Samsung originally was. I also wanted to see if it suffered from the same low light issues as my old Panasonic. (link to comparison photos) I was very happy with the camera! Sometimes it would take a dark photo in low light, after displaying a brighter pic on screen, but if I took the picture again it would be better. It is very fast to turn on, but the physical switch takes some getting used to. The belt holster is also very nice. I am going to try and take better care of this camera. I will still carry around my Kodak day to day. I will save the Panasonic for special occasions (ie the days when most people carry around a camera: vacations, events, etc). I will need the Kodak, because my Palm Pre is absolutely horrible at photo taking. The iPhone is actually not that bad!

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