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Plaz, I'm a good friend of [removed] who pointed me to your web site.

I think your web site is totally amazing!! What impresses me the most are the richness of your content, your mastery of PHP, and your ability to bind a web site together using styles. It would seem to me that when it's time to go to a good college you wouldn't even have to fill out an application or write an essay. You could simply send them a grade transcript and a link to your web site. Who wouldn't want you to attend their university?

I have a favor to ask you if you can accommodate me. I do web design but don't know nearly what you know about the advanced use of styles.

It would help me considerably to understand how to create navbars using the <UL><LI> construct and then write workable styles to manage the appearance and positioning of the dropdowns and their links. Is there any web site or book you can refer me to which explains this well? Or perhaps you have something in your repertoire?

Thanks for any help Plaz, but regardless, please accept my compliments on your web site. You're a truly amazing kid!!!

Best wishes ... Sam (removed) [Emailed to me 3/28/2008]

Sam, have you seen my dropdowns for MediaWiki? They are built in pure CSS and use <ul> and <li> to create the hierarchy. I made them several years ago so I don't have exactly in my head how they work, and they are not my best work, but they should steer you in the right direction.-ThePlaz 18:13, 14 June 2008 (EDT)