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Tecker 911 is a technology based information and question and answer show produced by students of Haverford High School. The show focuses on showing ordinary people how to use technology to help their ordinary lives. Because it is produced by students, it sometimes focuses on tools to help students. Its website is http://911.tecker.net Tecker 911 is also shown on Channel 11, the local public access educational channel in Havertown.

Each episode covers a seperate, distinct topic and lasts about 5 to 15 minutes.

Every 5th episode is a "fun" episode where the cast likes to get out in the community and get hands on. Examples include "Haverford Township Day 2007" (30), "Behind the Scenes" (25), "War Walking" (20) and "Destroying Stuff" (15).




  • Michael Plasmeier (ThePlaz)
  • Michael Gdovin
  • Ed Rochon (former)
  • JD Dorfman (former)
  • Jordan Berman
  • Reed Dame


  • Matt McMullan (17)
  • Chris Denny (10)
  • Margie Olinger, School District of Haverford Township (4)