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World Cultures China Mao Button Journal Entry

This is a role playing exercise. The views expressed herein, do not necessarily represent those of Michael Plasmeier. They are meant to come from the point of view of a Chinese citizen during Mao's rule.

Dear Journal,

Today I received a gift from my great aunt who lives far, far away in a big city. For months I waited to get this. I had greeted the postman everyday at the edge of the village to see if he had a package for me. But for weeks he said he had nothing. But today it finally came! People will become jealous when they see me walking by with this on.

Everyone else's exceeds my old one in size. I want what they have. But wait! Having the same, just won't cut it! I must have a bigger, better one! I would have the best one in the entire village! Everyone would look up to me. They will celebrate me and my accomplishments!

In addition, when party officials come to town they will see that I have the largest one, they will know my loyalty and dedication. Maybe then they will allow me to move to the city and work for the party. I wouldn't have to work in the fields any more! I would have a much better life!

Having the largest Mao Button represents my ultimate dream! I would like nothing more then to profess my extreme love and deep respect for our Great Helmsman Mao Zedong. Yes, dear journal; how else could I profess my love then by wearing a big, red button featuring the great man's smiling portrait displayed proudly across my chest. Mao struggled for us, for the great People's Republic. And now I must repay this great debt by honoring his name.

From our farms glistening with crops to our technological superiority, only Mao can lead China. We toil for hours in the rice terraces our ancestors built so that our comrades can live with ample food. Chairman Mao says we need to work hard. I certainly try to do what he says. I try to practice loyalty and faithfulness. I read every night from his Little Red Book. I practice his principles and hope communism will rule the world. Mao taught us these things; thus I need to show my support for our great leader.

My day starts before the great red sun rises from the east. I quickly eat breakfast before I collect the big water buffalo I work with. We walk slowly to the great rice terraces and start plowing up and down the paddy. Later in the year I must help to harvest the rice and bring it to a central collection point. There the crops get sent across China to the big cities I can only dream of.

Mao keeps us employed, and my parents tell of times where no work and no food existed. Those years went by painfully. Since our great leader started guiding our nation, we have not fallen on such hard times again. And for that I feel grateful. He tends for our needs, runs our mail, and occasionally we get a tractor. Every year we get all the seed we need. I also heard about the times when we our family could not afford the seed to plant our rice. Thankfully, those times have ended, and no one goes hungry.

Still, I can't wait until tomorrow when I can walk around my village with my new Mao button. I just hope no one gets a bigger one in the meantime! I would become angry that I didn't even have a day to show it off. I would need to wait again for an even larger button. I don't know if my great aunt will come through again for me and get a bigger button. She has told me about all of the trouble she went through to get one. She said that she had to pay a lot of money, but I think it's worth it. Yeah! Can't wait.. Can't wait..!!!