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Here are some things to keep in mind as you read my hand written notes. These are the conventions I usually use to write my notes.

Nuvola apps important.png Only a DRAFT!

May change/be updated - still in progress - may still contain inaccuracies

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  • I use math signs a lot like greater then (>) and less then (<)
  • Usually I don't care about spelling (sorry)
    • If I have the letters "sp" and an arrow pointing to a word, it's probably spelled wrong
  • "?" means I don't understand or are confused about something. The question mark will sometimes be in a circle. That especially indicated that I am confused.

Circle Problem Number

  • If I am unsure about a problem, or it is taking me a longer time then usual to solve, I will circle it
  • I will half circle problems I am kinda sure about, but not totally convinced my answer is correct
  • Forth circled problems means I am pretty sure my answer is right, but again it might not be
  • I mostly do the partial circles on timed, fast paced (usually standardized) tests where I don't care about neatness of work and scribble quickly over the answer booklet.


(note to self: orginize)

  • Prob. = Probably
  • "sp" = Spelling error
  • V. Good = Very Good
  • Mods = Modifications
  • HW = Homework
  • cont. = continued...
  • ↑ = high or moving up
  • ↓ = low or moving down
  • freq. = frequency
  • diff = difference/different
  • equip. = equipment
  • req. = require
  • → (at the bottom of a page) = flip/over to next page
  • esp. = especially
  • 2x = double
  • w/ = with
  • avg. = average
  • ind = indirect
  • tmo = tomorrow (people are confused by this one)

Red Pen

  • Red pen is usually used to correct incorrect problems - sometimes even before I turn something in
  • In review for tests, I sometimes use red to fill in problems I had to "cheat" and look up in the book
  • When taking notes from lectures, I use red sometimes to highlight key points or facts.
  • So in general, pencil is for my work, and red is for other's work


  • Notes are scanned dark so that they can be read. This is sometimes a problem with double-sided notes however. However, its better then it being too light.


You can click on the image preview to get it bigger. An image will be the biggest when all of the words which are normally on the side of the page are gone and the URL (web address) ends in .JPG. However, your browser might still be scaling down images. Look for a box in the lower right hand corner. You might have to hover over it to make it appear. Click that to stop the browser from scaling down that image. There is some way to turn that off if you want.

Checking System

To check work, usually in a math problem

  • 'Check mark colon' means that the next section is where I will check my work
  • 'Check in a circle' means that the work has been checked using a method different then who the problem was solved
  • 'Check divided by 2' I went over my work again, looks right, but not totaly confirmed because I just repeated the same process again
  • 'Check divided by 4' I am not very sure about my answers, but I tried the process again and it came out right
  • 'X in a circle' problem is wrong, I need to fix it


  • GCF = greatest common factor
  • Drawings are not to scale - especially triangles
  • I am to keep the purest numbers possible in answers. I do this by storing partial answers and using the "Ans" variable to get the last answer up to 9 decimal places. I usually don't write down the whole number. That means that I use more exact numbers that what I write in the process. This might change the result slightly or give you less exact answers.
  • I might follow rounding rules or I might just always round down, or I might just round to where I feel like.
  • Final answers are circled. Interim answers which are important are enclosed in a square.
  • I try to write a lower case l variable (as in "length") in cursive to distinguish it from a 1
  • ~ means approximate


I often write the reason for errors when I make one in math.

  • Calc error - I typed something wrong into the calculator - hit the wrong key; a stupid mistake
  • Copy error - I copied something wrong either from somewhere else in the problem or from the calculator; another stupid mistake
  • Thinking (thought) error - Momentary loss of judgment, I thought I was doing it right, but I guess I wasn't clearly; a reasonable mistake
  • (more?)
  • stupid error - Duh! Wasn't thinking. Really obvious.

Macro Econ

  • About halfway through I expanded delta (Δ) sign to mean "change". Normally it means "the change in"


  • Adj = adjetive
  • adv = adverb
  • vb or verb = verb


  • fed = Federal
  • AofC = Articles of Confederation
  • Rev War = Revolutionary War
  • DofI = Deceleration of Independence



  • Act - Active
  • Passive - Passive
  • Pres - Present
  • Imp - Imperfect
  • Fut - Future
  • Perf - Perfect
  • Plu Perf - Pluperfect
  • Fut Perf - Future Perfect
  • Ind - Indicative
  • Inf - Infinitive
  • Part - Participle
  • Subj - Subjunctive
  • Masc - Masculine
  • Fem - Feminine
  • Neu - Neuter
  • Nom - Nominative
  • Gen- Genitive
  • Dat - Dative
  • Acc - Accusative
  • Abl - Ablative
  • Voc - Vocative
  • Comp - Comparative
  • Super - Superlative
  • cmd - command
  • ind cmd - indirect command
  • abl abs - ablative absolute

MIT Sophomore

  • Items in parentheses are my thoughts

I was thinking of doing black for my work, blue for textbook/teacher, red for corrections, but I did not follow this.

MIT Junior

Pretty much always doing black for my work, blue for textbook/teacher. *Items in parentheses are my thoughts, esp when in black. Sometimes text in blue but in parenthesis is my work/thoughts, esp during the day. On practice exams: either try in black pen, correct red, and then after correction blue or work in pencil, correction from answer key in red, post correction thoughts black ink, and notes from notebook/web (authoritative sources) in blue

Also where as reviewing for an exam was a separate upload, it is now included in the end of a unit.

In the fall, I just uploaded each unit. If the unit was large (>100MB) it won't show in Scribd. In the spring, I split units into 100MB chunks.