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18.02/Multi Variable Calculus is the Course 18 Math (Math) class I took with Prof. Mattuck at MIT as a Freshman spring semester. Note, some schools consider this as "Calculus 2 and 3"

Open Course Ware from 2006

Class website: http://math.mit.edu/~apm/1802.html

These notes should be well written and complete. My own work - especially p-sets are less trustworthy. The print outs are from OCW and thus Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. My notes are under the same license. The textbook was useless in this class. Office hours were helpful, but I wish the teaching and course notes were better.

Notebook (vast majority of work): Unit 1, Unit 2 Part 1, Unit 2 Part 2, Unit 3 Part 1, Unit 3 Part 2