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Tecker Logo

Tecker is an online social question and answer service developed by me and my friend Michael Gdovin during 10th Grade (2006-2007). See our development blog for more details.

Tecker is no longer in active development; it served as a project for me to learn how to code. Although Tecker never caught on with the public, it was very helpful for me in developing my coding skills and researching online communities. The skills I learned working on Tecker have helped me work on GridView and SeniorQuoter.

.1 Milestone Screenshots

The .1 milestone on 9/23/2006 was getting the registration system, activation, logging in and out, forgetting and changing the password and qualifications, as well as the overall framework for the site's pages.

Tecker Home Logged In -1.jpg Tecker Home Logged Out -1.jpg

.2 Milestone

We added the functionality to view, sort, and break into pages the list of users; as well as an administrator interface to edit and delete uses. We also finished a basic version of the most important piece of Tecker, which is the Ask Questions page.

In addition we made a basic version of a script which lists all of the questions. We also built an administrator interface to edit and delete questions. Lastly, we added a basic version of the page which shows a single question.

Tecker Ask Qu .2.jpgTecker View Qu .2.jpg


Conflicter Logo

Conflicter[1] is a derivative of Tecker dedicated to ending global conflicts through frank discussions.