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The 9th Grade Academy is a program at Haverford High School that I was involved from during the 2005-2006 school year of 9th Grade. It is part of a grant of about $3,000,000 (I think) from somebody. It is supposedly to divide the large (~600 students) 9th Grade into smaller learning communities. It also integrates technology into the classroom. Every one of the 4 subjects got 2 smart boards and a set of 10 laptops. The classes are every other day for the entire year, instead of one semester (half of the year) every day. In addition the teachers and students have been divided into teams. I was on the Freshmenators team. The other teams are below. Also class sizes were limited to 20, and students are with the same group of 20 in all 4 academy classes. The 4 academy classes are IAG 2H (Math), IPS (Science), Western Civ (History), English 9 (English).

I was in the 2nd year of the 3 year grant program. There will be another grade after me, and the year before was a training period. After 2007, we will have to see what they keep.

2005-2006 Teams