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PowerSchool is the student information and management system at Haverford High School. PowerSchool lets students see their grades, attendance records, and schedule classes for future years. I interviewed the coordinator, Ms. Olinger in Episode 4 of Tecker 911. I was involved in the beta test about a year before its public opening at the start of the second semester in 10th Grade. I was interviewed about it in an article in the News of Delaware County.

My Take

PowerSchool is only as good as the data in there. Some teachers update their data very frequently. My IAG 3H teacher graded tests and put them online sometimes even the same day as the test. You take the test in the morning and then log in online in the evening and see your grade. However most teachers update it only a few times in a marking period. This is much less useful because it is not always up to date. Teachers officially have 2 weeks to grade things and submit the grade online but even some teachers take longer. I much prefer when teachers update things frequently.

Some students initially expressed concern that they didn't want their parents to see their grades. A few months later, that concern seems to have subsided. They were concerned that their parents would get upset if they see a bad assignment grade. However I think that they must understand that everyone (including me) has a bad day/assignment. Averages become more stable with more data. Only the final grade at the end of the marking period matters. Actually, not even that does. Only final course grades show up on transcripts.

I find it a very useful early warning system. I can see if a teacher made a mistake before it becomes too late. I can then go to them and ask them to change it. Thus the problem never becomes serious.


Episode 4: PowerSchool

Download and Watch at 911.tecker.net