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6.005 Elements of Software Construction is a Course 6 EECS (Engineering) class I took with Prof. Miller at MIT as a Junior fall semester.

Class Review

This class was ok. The lectures were well taught. However, the main focus on the class seems to be the projects - which are only somewhat related to the lectures. The projects also take less time than everyone claims. I've heard many times that this was the workload of 2 classes - it's not - it's the workload of a normal class. I've also heard that workload was reduced - but I don't know what it was like before. However the Achilles heal of this class is the grading on the projects. They run automated tests you can't see or run beforehand. If you mess up a little API component you can end up with a 30% on a project. You can fix it and resubmit, but it's frustrating. I've told the professor about this and he thinks this is a bug not a feature - but it's very annoying. My recitations was also poorly taught.


I'm surprised I got an A in this class. I'm not sure I mastered coding in Java.