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H-Vision is Haverford High School's morning news show. Currently it runs live on Friday mornings during homeroom at 9AM on the school's internal television network. Later, over the weekend, it runs on Channel 11, the local community access channel.


First, two news anchors read the normal school anouments. Then special, pre-prepared segments are shown. They highlight things of interest from around the school. Sometimes a live segement is done instead. Pouplar live segments include the "weather" with Jackson Sweeney, a HHS freshman. The year, Kyle Zober does Sport-Vision, a special segemnt recapping the school's team's scores.

ThePlaz is a regular anchor of H-Vision. He usually co-hosts with J D Dorfman. On weeks where he does not anchor, he runs the soundboard. Mr. Stewart is the faculty sponsor, director, and producer of H-Vision.