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6.034 Artificial Intelligence is a Course 6 EECS (Engineering) class I took with Prof. Winston at MIT as a Junior fall semester.

Class Review

This class was pretty good. Prof. Winston is a very good lecturer and he puts a lot of work into his lectures. You hear the material several times in recitation, mega recitation, and tutorials. The class focuses on a few core algorithms and tests if you can do those on paper. I am not sure that is the best approach to cover the material. There are a few projects, but they seemed more annoying than helpful to me. They vary a lot in difficulty, which is very annoying. There is a lot of base code to figure out, which takes time and I think you learn less than if you were to write the algorthm from scratch.


Prof. Winston said he kicked me up from a B+ to an A- in the class because of my participation.