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7.012 Intro to Biology is the Course 7 Biology (Science) a class I took with Eric Lander and Bob Weinberg at MIT as a Senior fall semester.

Class Review

This class was very good. I liked their problem solving approach to Biology.


This grade really disappointed me. It's not that I didn’t put time into it, I certainly did try. The concepts felt challenging at first; but I got help from my Bio friend, and things started making sense the more I studied them. It was a good intellectual challenge, that I thought I had mastered to a large extent. Much of the disappointment here is that I was competing with Freshmen. Plus, I had gotten Cs in all my freshmen classes. Had I learned nothing at MIT in meta/problem solving skills??? I feel much better at problem solving since freshmen years, but the data didn't seem to show it.

Notes Quality

Posted notes; think this turned out pretty good. Bob Weinberg is hard to follow.


This was the first class I took with an online textbook. Nature's Principles of Biology