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Achilles Video for Latin 3 Movie Project (retell a Greek of Roman Myth with narration/dialog in Latin) (See also old and discarded ideas)



Latin Script

  • Mihi nomen est Achilles, filius Pelei, rex Myrmidonis, meus avus erat filius Zei.
  • Thetis, mea mater, ut faceret me invictum, inbuebat me in rivum Styx.
  • Mater mittebat me ad insulam Scyros vestus ut femina ne mitteret me ad Troiam. Odysseus tamen dolebat me.
  • Odysseus: Habeo res feminis.
  • Odysseus: Achilles congiungene me in Troy.
  • Navigabam Troiam.
  • Novem annos pugnaveram, sed Troy non vicerat. Meus amor Polyexnae, filia Priami, vicerat me. Constitueram coniungere Troianos ut in matrimonium duxeret Polyexnae.
  • Tamen Paris, maximus bellator Troiae, animo habet necare me. Paris scit meum debilitatem: ubi manus matris tenuerat me dum inbuerat me Rivum Styx.


  • avus - grandfather
  • inbuere - dip
  • vestis - dress
  • nomen - good/item
  • golere - trick
  • annus - years
  • dirimere - to decide
  • coniungere - to join
  • bellator - warrior
  • debilitas - weakness


  • (begin fast paced, dramatic music)
  • (camera follows Thesis running through fields to river Styx)
  • (credits on top here)
  • Voice Over Achilles: "My name is Achilles, son of Peleus, king of the Myrmidones. My grandfather was the son of Zeus. Thesis, my mother, in order to make me invulnerable, dunked me into the River Styx."
  • (end fast music)
  • (mid paced instrumental music)
  • VO Achilles: My mother sent me to the island Scycros dressed as a women in fear that the Greeks would want me in their war. Odysseus, however, tricked me. He was dressed as a peddler."
  • Odysseus: "I have here fine items for the ladies."
  • (zoom in on trunk)
  • (Achilles grabs sword, other ladies grab jewels/cloth)
  • (Odysseus jumps on Achilles and pulls off dress)
  • Odysseus: "Achilles you are fated to join us in the war against Troy."
  • (water sounds)
  • (battle music starting [Track 7 or 8])
  • ?(CGI ships sailing to Troy)
  • ?VO Achilles: "I sailed to Troy"
  • (battle 45 sec)
  • VO Achilles: "9 years I fought, but Troy would not fall. My love for Polyexna, daughter of Priam, overcame me. I decided to join the Trojans in order to marry her."
  • (temple of Apollo - wedding)
  • (soft music)
  • (Show marriage in silence)
  • VO Achilles: "But Paris, the greatest warrior of Troy, wanted me dead, and knew my weakness: the place where the hand of my mother held as she dipped me into the River Styx."
  • (arrow shot)
  • (Bam: cut to black)
  • (end credits - track 21?)
  • (fast music)


  • Achilles - Matt
  • Mother - Matt's Mom
  • Odysseus - Matt's Dad, Scott
  • Trunk Ladies - Matt's Mom, Justin
  • Soldiers - Plazz, Matt, Matt's Dad, Justin - and more??
  • Paris - Steve
  • Polyexna - Justin, my brother


  • Sun June 3, 2007
    • Some park along the blue route
    • 8AM-11AM
    • Matt's parents drive
  • Thur June 7, 2007
    • Merry Place
    • Matt's mom (?) picks us up directly after school and we go and shoot
    • 2:30-~4PM(?)


  • Matt - Camera, Tripod
  • Plaz - Baby Achilles (made out of Styrofoam)
  • Justin and Matt - spears/swords/sticks
  • Plaz - trunk and rich cloth to put in trunk and shawls for ladies
  • Justin and Matt - Bow and arrow


  • River Styx
  • Palace at Scycros
  • Walls of Troy
    • Various locations around Troy
  • Apollo's Temple
  • Funeral


  • Using modern because otherwise looks bad
  • With ancient embellishments