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Newspaper for American Studies chapter 19 (1865-1900) Read the PDF it is much nicer.

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Article: The Big Buiness And Its Expansion (Lauren Schoppet)

Immigrants Postcard.jpg

CHICAGO, Illinois— Big businesses, now more than ever, are employing huge amounts of workers to work in their factories. Factories and mills in the North as well as in the New South have expanded to such enormous sizes that they have become some of the largest manufacturing employers in such cities as Chicago, Illinois. Many of the laborers that factories, such as Armour & Company in Chicago, are employing are mostly immigrants from countries such as Russia, Poland, Italy, and Greece.

Immigrant labor is cheap; in fact many manufacturing immigrant laborers earn about $2, and sometimes even less, a day. Many immigrants have never before earned wages, and are content to work at this low price. Meat-packing industries are overjoyed with this new labor source, and they say that workers are pleased to have jobs and earn a salary. In fact, many immigrants depend on the big industries for their livelihood.

Expanding businesses are using the latest technology, which increases the rate of production and, in some cases, allows perishable food to be shipped nationwide. Cheap meat from Chicago is reaching people in North, South, East, and Western states. Expanding factories are changing America and the world with their amount of job opportunities and numerous products, produced at a rate never before imagined by our ancestors.

Article: Stay up to date with new technology (Lydia)

Telephone Shop.jpg
Telephone Call.jpg

In this new era, we have begun to see many wonderful changes that speed the manufacturing of products. Recently, a machine was developed that makes over 7,000 cigarettes an hour. This vastly improves on the workers who could only make 3,000 cigarettes a day. With slight changes, only fifteen of these tremendous machines, could meet all of America’s cigarette demands. This will put hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans out of the cigarette business; however, they should be able to find work in the production of these machines.

Other new technologies have also transformed the way that our society works. Meat-processing plants quickly butcher animals in a systematic way, with a machine to do every job. By taking the human element out of it, the animals are butchered quickly, with less mistakes. In addition the machines profit those who have capital to invest. People finding themselves in this concentration of production could find themselves becoming very wealthy.

Matches, furniture, cloth, grain products, soap, and canned goods will all soon be produced solely by machinery. This will lower the prices of many goods and boost the economy in numerous ways, to say nothing of the countless entrepreneurs who have put such hard work into lowering these prices for consumers.

Editorial: Why the 8 hour workday is bad (Plaz)

We must stand strong and preserve the 12 hour work day. The 8 hour workday is a desperate attempt by workers to undermine the pillars of American capitalism and the American economy!

Radical workers want us to increase costs by hiring 3, not 2 shifts of laborers. This is preposterous! These workers also commonly demand wage increases; however 8 hour days would cut their wages by a third. In addition, our increased costs would have to be passed on to consumers, raising their prices and reducing their purchasing power.

In addition, we would have to hire a new shift of workers - increasing the competition for workers. We would be forced to employ blacks and immigrants to fill our shortages, thus further decreasing wages already reduced by shorter hours and higher prices.

How will our workers feed their families and pay for their housing? The workers will demand the return of the 12 hour day so that their wages will be increased and their income be restored. We must stand together to reject the 8 hour day since if firms adds the 8 hour day - it will convince the organizers that others will follow, leading to a downward spiral of shorter hours and higher prices. It will be ad for the worker and bad for us.

We must find and identify the leaders of these new unions before they harm the workers by forcing them to pay dues and go on strike. We must inform workers that they can not feed their families if they go on strike. Union organizers do not think about this - they only look to collect dues from the most people as possible. Also, they can not represent what workers want - they don't know - they just sit in polished union offices which are built on the dues of workers.

Thus it is our duty to save workers from themselves and oppose the 8 hour workday. We must inform the workers and their unions that the 8 hour day will only destroy the systems we built so hard to build and will leave thousands of workers out in the cold.

Political Cartoon (Chris)

Big Business World Cartoon.JPG

Obituary: Andrew Carnegie (Josh)

Andrew Carnegie.jpg

Andrew Carnegie died earlier this week, on August 11th at the age of 83. Carnegie, known as “the Richest Man in the World” was the industrial giant of his time. Originally a poor immigrant from Scotland, Carnegie worked for his wealth. He became the secretary to the superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s western division and seven years later, he was able to step into that position. Once at the position of superintendent, Carnegie was able to stay one step ahead of his economic competitors, always using the newest technology to earn more money. By 1900, Carnegie was the manager of the most efficient steel mill in the world and he was raking in the cash. Even though Carnegie always had lots of money, he was a very big advocate for helping people in need. Carnegie donated the majority of his money to libraries, concert halls, college, universities, and art museums. The American people loved him because he was constantly donating money to help the American people. It was a great man and he will be missed.

Jobs (Classifieds) (Larissa)

  • Manager needed at Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia. Must be good at managing women, setting up displays, and letting the customers feel like royalty. Apply in person. Competitive salary.
  • Lineman Superintendent needed at Edison Electric. Must not be afraid of heights or electricity. Must be good at training and motivating underpaid men.
  • Railroad District Manager needed for section of Santa Fe Railroad. Relocation benefits available - get out of the city! Must be able to keep track of time.
  • Orchestra manager needed for new orchestra set up recently by a generous donation. This is your chance to shine in a brand new organization!
  • Lobbyist with good connections in DC is wanted by wealthy NY company. Pervasiveness is key! (Free dinners at fancy restaurants included.)

Ads (Kathleen)

Note: Not all were included because they did not fit the theme of a paper for business excetuitives. I only included the ads which were selling things, not hiring clerks

Knife Man.jpg “KIFE MEN” needed in Packingtown, Chicago!!! Prepare to manage actual slaughtering and cutting operations. Contact Armour meat packing ASAP. (Minor butcher skills will help)

Railroad Ad.jpg ALL ABOARD THE TRANS-CONTINENTAL RAILROAD!! Two conductors needed since increase in transportation of goods and people. Have a great time while making money.

A&P.jpg COME AND GET YOUR BANANAS! Now on sale at A&P Groceries

Wanamakers.jpg CLERK job openings! @ Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia, PA. Men’s clothing or home departments. Hurry in or call now! 259-6436

Ford Ad.jpg Ford’s MODEL-T AUTOMOBILE!! Finally another way to travel around. FOR SALE NOW in New York City