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English 10 Cultures Project Step 5 - Outline

  • Submitted 10/26/2006

  1. Introduction
    1. Separation of church and state quote??
    2. The separation of church and state must be maintained in every nation in the world. Non-believers being forced, against their wills and spiritual beliefs, to submit to religious profiling and courts. Laws of sovereign nations ought not to be influenced by religion. Every nation shares an aggregate of people who have different religious beliefs. They must all be insured equal treatment under the law. Their governments must not impose on them religiously-motivated laws. Although some countries have adopted religiously-inspired laws, the separation of church and state must be maintained.
    3. Alternate Thesis
      1. Although some countries, have distanced themselves from religious laws, they must totally ignore religion when creating their laws
        1.  ?am I going this hardball?
      2. Although some countries maintain the separation of church and state, legislators are still taking inspiration from religion as the basis of news laws
        1. Off-topic
      3. Although some countries maintain the separation of church and state, not all nations in the world have followed this lead.
        1. Not really talking about getting last nations to change
    4. Review Main Points
      1. See below
      2. Or maybe leave out
        1. maintain a story (narrative)
  2. Afghanistan
    1. Still need to research
      1. Movie Cobb showed might help
      2. And Got 2 more sources
  3. Other Nations Examples
    1. Nigeria Stoning Case Study
      1. Touch on woman’s rights
      2. Violates human rights treaties
        1. need research
    2. Gays in Indonesia
      1.  ??include
  4. Makes people revolt
    1. If oppresses
  5. Fundamentalism = terrorism
    1. Strict enforcing law
    2.  ?? These practices lead up to it by cultivating it
  6.  ?? Include basic Islam background and beliefs
    1. Show how Islam actually supports peace
  7. Connect to Situation in USA
    1. Need research
    2. Like the rebuttal section
    3. Religion influencing candidates is illegal
    4. Mention Bush’s doing it
      1.  ?? But not doing it extreme
      2. Were protected
      3. People vote against it
  8. Closing: Muslim nations are changing laws
    1. But not doing enough
    2.  ?? campaign for elimination of all religiously inspired laws
    3. Wrap Up