Device Codenames


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On 12/4/2010 I implemented a device codename policy for my devices. Devices I own or lease are given a codename, which will be the device's hostname in some cases. Code names may not be renamed.

I choose "Animals" to be the name space because it is big enough and usually does not imply much meaning.


Desktops: Land Mammals

  • D2009 Desktop: Ape

Laptop: Birds

  • 600m: Cardinal (defunct)
  • T4220: Phoenix (defunct)
  • U350: Bat

Cell Phones: Water Creatures

  • Palm Pre: Dolphin

Servers: Reptiles

  • 1and1 Shared: Snake (defunct)
  • MediaTemple (GS): Turtle (defunct)
  • 1and1 Dedicated: Alligator (defunct)
  • LiquidWeb: Fox