Early Feedback Word 2010 Technical Preview

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Hello Michael,

Thanks for the feedback! The printing experience you are seeing today is not what we are shipping with at RTM. Unfortunately doing the print place work in Protected View was not something we were able to get to in Beta1 but it has been implemented in Beta2. Among those changes were enabling the Ctrl+P key that takes you into the Print place and explains why printing is not working and provides you with an Enable Printing button to help you quickly leave Protected View and print your file.

Thanks, Vikas Malhotra. (MSFT)

"theplaz" <ConnectUser> wrote in message news:connect.7d1fac2b-d1a5-42cf-8465-ac94f91f5ed4@CPMSFTWEBC108... > If I open a file from email it is in protected view with a red band at > the top reading "This file originated as an email attachment". The > button says "Enable Editing" > > I can not print it. When I hit Ctrl+P nothing happens. In Backstage > "Print" is grayed out. > > This is confusing to customers. Printing a file you received via > email is a common task. I should be able to hit Ctrl+P and document > would print. If this is not possible because of protected view, I > recommend that you display an error message when the user hits > Ctrl+P. > > In addition, "Enable Editing" is unclear. I did not want to edit the > file, I wanted to print it as is. > > -Michael Plasmeier http://theplaz.com >