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Chapter 6.3 – Spread of Enlightenment Ideas Web/ Outline

  1. Method of Idea circulation
    1. Basic Ideas
      1. Books
      2. Letters
      3. In-person Visits
      4. Magazine Articles
    2. Salons
      1. Social events
      2. Paris
      3. Philosophes gathered to share ideas
      4. And to enjoy performances8u
        1. most influential hostess
        2. woman
    3. Diderot’s Encyclopedia
      1. Denis Diderot
      2. Many Philosophes contributed
      3. Shut down by gov and Church
      4. But later restarted with permission
    4. Middle Class
      1. Could now afford arts
        1. Helped arts grow
      2. Newspapers
      3. Pamphlets
      4. Political songs
  2. Arts and Literature
    1. Middle class could now afford
    2. Was Baroque
      1. Very fancy, ornate
      2. Buildings (Versailles)
      3. Music (Bach and Handel)
        1. dramatic organ and choral music
      4. artists
        1. rich in color, detail, and ornate imagery
    3. Now neoclassical (for Music = Classical)
      1. Simple and elegant
      2. Borrowed much from Greeks and Romans
    4. Music
      1. Franz Joseph Haydn
        1. developed sonata and symphony
      2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
        1. composed music at age 5
        2. operas set new standards for elegance and originality
      3. Ludwig van Beethoven
        1. piano music
        2. string quartets
        3. stirring symphonies
    5. Advent of the Novel
      1. Was a lengthy work of prose fiction in everyday language
      2. Popular with middle class
      3. Some written by women
      4. Samuel Richardson
        1. Pamela
        2. 1st novel in English
      5. Henry Fielding
        1. Tom Jones
      6. Daniel Defoe
        1. Robinson Crusoe
  3. The Monarchy
    1. Enlightenment ideas found themselves to monarchs
    2. Some adopted these ideas, but none gave up power and most tried not to alienate their base of the aristocracy
    3. Enlightened deposits (rulers) known as
    4. Wanted to make their country stronger and make their rule more effective
    5. Frederick the Great
      1. Was the king of Prussia
      2. Granted religious freedoms, reduced censorship, and improved education
      3. Committed to being king
      4. Said he was “first servant of the state” not “I am the state” like Louis XIV
        1. purpose was to help grow and improve the country, not the country existed to make the monarch’s life better
      5. said was against serfdom, but didn’t do anything about it to not alienate his base
    6. Joseph II
      1. Ruler of Austria
      2. Textbook called most “radical royal reformer”
      3. Legal reforms and freedom of the press
      4. Freedom or worship (Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and Jews)
      5. Abolished serfdom
        1. peasants must be paid with cash
        2. nobles DID NOT like
      6. most changes reverted after death
    7. Catherine the Great
      1. Forced marriage to mentally instable Russian king
      2. She removed of him and became the ruler herself
      3. Reviewed laws
      4. Liked ideas of Philosophes
    8. Wanted to have religious tolerance, and abolish torture and capital punishment, but this didn’t happen
    9. Wanted to end serfdom, but serf revolt changed her mind and she gave absolute power over them to landowners
    10. Expanded Russian empire to Black Sea and allowed trade to Mediterranean
    11. Took over part of Poland
    12. Further enlarged Russia during rule, but didn’t make many actually Enlightenment changes

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