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Group 1 – Napoleon’s Rise to Power Script Western Civ Homework


Scene 1

National Conventioneer: Thank you, thank you, Napoleon. You have saved us from the royalists when they were attacking us, the National Convention.

Napoleon: No problem, anytime.

NC: No really, you were a great service to us. You were our hero of the hour.

N: No really, it was nothing. I hit them with a cannonade. They never saw it coming! Every since my father, that traitor, handed Corsica over to France, I…. And in school, I was always picked on. This made me angry. I stayed up all night to study the likes of Hannibal and Caser! I am going to be the greatest military genus ever.

NC: Wow, you are really sure of yourself! But that was amazing how you dispersed those royalists! We need a general to lead the forces into Austria and Sardinia. Do you think you could help???

N: Why of course! I will leave immediately. (They shake hands and Napoleon leaves)

Scene 2

(NC never leaves stage, but sitting and waiting)

N: I’m back!!!!

NC: Oh, Napoleon, Welcome home! We missed you. How is the war going in Egypt?

N: Well… (pause) DID you see how I annihilated those Austrians?

NC: Yeah, but how’s Egy…

N: (cutting him off) AND in Italy, I added a lot of land to France. Those Austrians sure won’t be bothering us again!

NC: Ok, but…

N: Wasn’t I amazing??? (pause) What do you think about the directory? (pause) Pretty bad, don’t you think? The people of France don’t support them anymore.

NC: I started to notice that too…

N: They take advantage of everything and they don’t have enough power to do anything.

NC: Yes, Yes.

N: Don’t you think France needs 1 ruler, who can keep everything in control?

NC: (pondering) You know, that might actually work. It might solve all of our problems.

N: Well, I’d love to solve the people of France’s problems. I would be able to keep this country on track. I can do it. Oh yes, I can do it.

NC: Well, you are a strong general. Your soldiers love you. You would make a great sole ruler. Let me ask the rest of the National Convention what they think…

Scene 3

(This time Napoleon stays on stage and the NC leaves)

NC: Sure, you would make a good leader. You’re hired! (They shake hands) We have set up a government with three counsels. (Napoleon looks worried) Don’t be worried, you will have most of the power anyway. All that is left to do is have a plebiscite.

N: (thinking out loud) Yes, Yes. I will make the best ruler of what will become the French Empire. I will expand its borders and stabilize its economy. My name will be recorded forever in the history books. I will have eternal glory!!!!

Scene 4

(N and NC leave. DJ enters as Narrator)

DJ: Well, well. Hero of the hour Napoleon became the First Counsel. The other consoles just sat around and listed to rap music.

Plaz: (whispers) DJ, wake up. Stop dreaming

DJ: Sorry, Sorry. I was only thinking about what I should be doing instead of being here in Mr. Smith’s class. Well, anyway, where was I. Oh yes, Napoleon was a great help to France. He stabilized the economy. He created a public school system. He was the greatest person the world has ever seen. He was the savior, he was THE ONE.

Plaz: (whispers) DJ, that is not in the script.

DJ: Sorry, I was just going alone with your script. I thought I would just liven it up a little. It is not that any of this matters.

Plaz: (to audience) Well, the truth is that Napoleon overall helpfulness to France is still being debated by scholars. In fact, Mr. Smith is going to make us write a paper on it.

DJ: Plaz, I know you are salivating over the next paper; you probably finished it already. Anyway, this is my monologue, so stop butting in.

Plaz: (nods in agreement) Ok, Ok.

DJ: The new constitution, which made Napoleon First Consul, was approved by the people in a plebiscite. Later on, the people approved him as counsel for life. After that, the people again, voted on making him emperor. After that I guess they lived happily ever after. I don’t know? Why don’t you ask Group 2? They are the experts anyway.

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