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Geologging is the the practice of recording your position via GPS, so that a log can be displayed of your travels. I like geolog so that I can geotag my photos and draw a map of where I've been. I find it really cool to be able to look at a map of where I've been.


I log my position with a dedicated GPS logger. You may be able to log with a car GPS device, but the big, bright screen will only get you an hour or so of logging. You may be able to do it with an iPhone or a Palm Pre, but phone GPS' are weak and it will also kill your phone's battery. A good GPS logger costs ~$100 and runs for ~10 hours on a single set of batteries.

GPS Loggers v  d  e

Tips and Tricks

  • Turn out in good signal and leave out for ~5-10 min
  • Must be on window in airplane
  • Works better in ICE 3/T than ICE 1 in Germany
  • Leave in door area in ICEs
  • more


Venice Wandering.png