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In January 2008, I applied for the Pennsylvania Governor's Schools of Excellence in Information, Society & Technology for the summer of 2008 at Drexel in Philadelphia.

I got in and will be attending this summer!


Governor's Schools

The Governor's Schools are free summer programs paid for by the PA state government for high school students. They have them in a variety of topics at a variety of colleges in the state. Tuition as well as room and board are paid for by the state - at no cost to the student.

Why I want to attend

Unofficial - not part of the application

I've always loved technology. (I think this website can attest!) I am at the crossroads now with GridView. Over the past month I had to learn how to manage a Linux server and tune it for performance. I'm still not at 100%.

But I am also interested in the social effects of technology. I ordered an XO Laptop (with my own $$) to play with its user interface and think about the impact it will have on the developing world.





  • Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design
  • Information Ethics
  • Database Design and Management
  • Interaction Design
  • Project Management
  • Networking and Distributed Computing
  • System Development


  • Advanced Networking and Distributed Computing
  • Digital Media
  • Advanced Software Development
  • Developing Data-Intensive Systems for the World Wide Web
  • Developing Interactive Systems
  • Linux System Administration
  • Developing Interactive, Animated Web Graphics
  • Managing Semi-structured Data: XML and Related Technologies
  • Information and Society: Security, Privacy, Access and Freedom