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Friends without Profile Pics

Q: Why do my friends who actually have profile pics show up as not having a profile picture (depending on your settings: as a number, in the list, or as a "?" mark)???

A: Sorry about that. Your friends have their privacy settings turned up, so we only get partial (or no) info about your friends. We can only display the information returned to us by Facebook. You may still see information about your friend on other parts of your profile or other sections of Facebook.


Or the easiest thing for them to do is to have them add GridView. (They can choose not to add it to their profile if they really want)

Friends not listed at all

Q: Why are some my friends not listed on GridView at all (as a picture or even in the list of friends without pictures)?

A: They have their privacy settings turned up so that Facebook does not tell us that they even exist. (Some places to look: search settings, and the edit applications page. ) They could have also blocked GridView. There is nothing we can do, sorry. You can also ask your friends to add GridView (they can always remove it from their profile if they don't want one).

Get Mosaic on my Profile

Q: How do I get my new/updated GridView Mosaic on my profile? A: Go to to update your profile.

Nothing is on my Profile

Q: I don't see a GridView box on my profile. A for old Facebook: Go to and click on "settings" next to GridView. Make sure the proper settings are selected. Then go to to update your Grid. Also GridView may be on your extended profile. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile and click on "view more applications" or something like that. Then click on the blue GridView title bar and move your Grid to the top of your profile.

A for new Facebook: Check

Not all of my friends are on my Mosaic

A: We pick your friends which best match the color. This may mean that some friends are not on the mosaic or that some are on their more than once.

I don't like the Mosaic

Q: I don't like the Mosaic! A: Sorry to hear you don't like the Mosaics. Go to to adjust your settings.

I don't like listing names

Q: I don't like the Mosaic! Sorry to hear you don't like listing the names. I've gotten responses from people who really like it, so that is why this feature is an option. Go to to adjust your settings.

Extended Profile

Q:I like GridView, but it is in the "Extended Profile" section of my profile and I need to hit "See more" to see it. Can I make it so I don't have to do that. A:If you move it further up (towards the top of your profile) it will always be there. -Michael

Limited Profile

Q:How can I put the GridView application to my limited profile, so that friends with limited profile cannot see my friends through the GridView? Thank you. A:Go to and hit "edit settings" next to GridView. Here you can change who can see your profile. If you hit "Customize", you can enter "Limited Profile" into the "except" list.

PS: Get your GridView Mosaic mugs, mousepads, and more! Look for the link inside GridView!