Jump to: navigation, search and then is a Minisite I am building for my little brother, User:JPLAZ. I am taking flash games and re-hosting them on his site. The template and design is from Yahoo! Geocities Page Maker, and then is refined further by hand using HTML. He says "It is awesome you must go there. It evades school game filters and can be played in school!!" He recently added some cartoons that he made himself in PowerPoint!

JPlaz to Numa Numa song (Google Video)

Current list of content:


  • Kitten Cannon
  • Cave Escape 2
  • Battle for Gondor
  • Run Lil' Broccoli
  • Ski Jumping
  • Cyber Ortek Flier
  • Trogdor the Game


  • Albino Black Sheep
  • Dragon (Strong Bad e-mail)
  • Schfifty Five
  • The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon

JPlaz Exclusives (PowerPoints)