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Latin 3 Fable with Steve and Matt titled Rana et Musca
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Word.PNGA Microsoft Word version of this work is available here: Image:Rana et Musca Latin Fable.doc


"Bene"; point off for ablative absolute, point off for correct endings on words, point off for spelling errors"



  1. Frog (main)
  2. Fly (defendant)
  3. Alligator (killer)


Bigger does not equal smarter; brain over brawn

Plot/Rough Story

Fly buzzes around the swamp. Fly sees frog and lands on its back, in order to not get eaten.

Frog says: Why have you landed on my back? (for what reason)

Fly: I do not wish to be eaten by the likes of you

Frog: Jumps up and down while saying “How dare you insult me, I am bigger then you.” While frog tries to shack fly off his back, fly sees alligator, flies away, frog gets eaten


Narrator: In order to find food (purpose clause), the fly was flying around the swamp. The fly caught sight of a frog. The fly was so scared of the frog, that in order not to be eaten (fear clause); it landed on the back of the frog.

Frog: I know why you have landed on my back. (ind qu)

Fly: I have landed on your back in order not to be eaten by the likes of you.

Frog: How dare you insult me? I am both bigger and stronger than you.

Narrator: The frog, in order to expel the fly, began to jump up and down and make noise. The fly, while watching the alligator approaching, silently flew off the back of the frog. The frog, while still making noise (dum clause), was eaten by the alligator. While the frog was being eaten (abl abs), the fly was safe. The fly knows that the frog is dead.


Ut inveniret cibum, musca volabat circum paluem. Musca conspexit ranam. Musca erat tam territus ut ne cenarit, musca considbat in tergem ranae.

Rana: Scio cur tu consideret in meo tergo.

Musca: Considi in tergo ne cenarer a te.

Rana: Cur maledicis mei? Ego sum maior et validior quam tu.

Rana, ut muscam expelleret, saliebat et increpabat. Musca cum videret crocodilum tacite appropinquans volabat a tergo ranae. Rana dum increpabat cenabatur a crocodilio. Ranae cenato musca tuta erat. Musca sciebat ranam mortuam esse.

Selected Dictionary

  • Musca, -ae f - fly
  • Palus, -udis f - swamp
  • Rana, -ae f – frog
  • Consido, considere, consedi, consessus – to land
  • Tergum, -i, n back
  • Maledico, maledicere, maledixi, maledictus – to insult
  • Valididus, valida, validum - stronger
  • Salio, salire, salivi, saltis – to jump
  • Increpo, increpare, increpavi, increpatus - to make noise
  • Crocodilus, -I m - alligator
  • Volo, volare, volavi, volatus - to fly
  • Tutus, tuta, tutior, tutissimus - safe