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I have been a member of a succession of dining committees at MIT, as a representative of Baker House.


House Dining Advisory Group (HDAG)

In fall 2010, dining became a big issue at MIT. I wrote a series of articles about dining.

As HDAG was wining down, Baker president Andy Wu appointed my to HDAG in his place. I got thrown out of the last HDAG meeting as the administrators debated if they should let me in.

House Dining RFP Committee

I was the official Baker representative for the RFP committee during sophomore year. I helped to mark up the RFP and visit other school's dining halls, including a 1 day whirlwind trip to Chicago.


flickr > theplaz > Chicago Dining Trip Set


flickr > theplaz > Roger Williams Dining Trip Set


flickr > theplaz > Emmanuel College Dining Visit Set



House Dining Implementation Group (HDIG)

Over the summer between sophomore year and junior year I participated in teleconferences to help arrange the new house dining plan.

I tried very hard to get an API for menu information from Bon Appetite.

House Dining Committee (HDC)

During junior year, I severed on the House Dining oversight committee. We helped decide dates of operation, approve special events, and review students' and faculties' concerns.

Dining at MIT

Various things I have said about dining at MIT, in various contexts:

What I learned

I learned a lot about the management of contractors and the operation of a business while serving on the dining committee.