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Mr. Haverford is a annual male "pageant" at Haverford High School. Mr. Haverford is the closest thing to a "bachelor" party at school. It is the only school event which voluntarily sells out the auditorium each year. It emphasizes competition but also cooperation for the contestants who are buff but have to be classy. It is an opportunity for the contestants to lose their normal self restraint.

The audience goes crazy for Mr. Haverford. A friend who ran the sound says he never had the levels so high in school before.



  • Central Video (10 min) making fun of a television show, for example "Haverford Idol" (2006) and "Haverford Gladiator" (2007)
  • Central Dance (5 min)
  • Entry (1 min with female escorts); usually themed
  • Video (few minutes)
  • Talent (5 min)

Mr. Stewart

Mr. Stewart runs Mr. Haverford. Mr. Stewart is a Calc teacher by day. He also runs H-Vision and coaches the Haverford High School swimming team.


  • In 9th Grade I just watched it.
  • In 10th Grade I helped out filming the event and ended up running the live broadcast.
  • In 11th Grade I officially was the broadcast manager and director. Pictures


Matt Keehn won Mr. Haverford 2008. Pictures