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Originally posted to the Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog from Microsoft for the entry 'Every Which Way But Loose" [1]

About Office red lines helping me spell, I think not. I am a 9th grade student, so I grew up writing with the red underlines. I think I actually spell worse because I can fix my errors so easily. I also never look at and take the time to learn the word correctly. I just pick the right thing and move on. Also if I just can't spell a word, I set up auto-correct to change my spelling into the correct one. Unfortunately, this doesn't work when I write on old-fashioned paper :( That's another dangerous trend :)


PS. Can you put the squiggly lines feature in IE, or at least basic old fashioned spell checking. Currently I need to use your competitor, Google's toolbar to find spelling errors. Unfortunately, the school's computer doesn't have this. So please think about putting spell checking in IE, especially now that apps are moving online (I bet you at Microsoft, especially Office division, dislike that trend)