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Old Personal Updates from the top of the Main Page. Personal Updates are like a blog where I give updates on what is going on in my life. Personal Updates are also available as an RSS feed:



See Personal Updates/2013

1/7/2013 Winter Personal Update

2/7/2013 IAP Personal Update

See Personal Updates/2013/Two

5/28/2013 MIT Retrospective

8/25/2013 Yahoo APM!


See Personal Updates/2012

2/5/2012 IAP Personal Update

7/23/2012 Summer Personal Update

9/9/2012 Back to School Personal Update


See Personal Updates/2011

11/23/2011 Thanksgiving Personal Update

6/26/2011 Mega Personal Update Summer back to January


See Personal Updates/2010

12/22/2010 Personal Update Fall 2010

9/10/2010 Personal Update Back from Germany

5/24/2010 Personal Update from Freshmen Spring Semester at MIT

1/25/2010 Personal Update: Back from China


See Personal Updates/2009

12/18/2009 Lesson Learned and Embracing Scholarship: End of the First Semester at MIT

10/11/2009 Update from MIT

8/21/2009 Roundup Summer 2009 Edition

6/9/2009 ThePlaz Roundup

5/19/2009 Roundup


See Personal Updates/2008

12/17/2008 State of ThePlaz (Michael Plasmeier)

9/14/2008 State of ThePlaz (Michael Plasmeier)

6/30/2008 Personal Message

5/18/2008 Personal Message

2/28/2008 Personal Update

1/6/2008 Personal Message


See Personal Updates/2007

12/4/2007 Personal Message

10/6/2007 Personal Message

8/10/2007 Personal Message

6/19/2007 Personal Message

5/20/2007 Personal Message

5/7/2007 Personal Message

3/30/2007 Personal Message - Spring Break

3/13/2007 Personal Update

1/10/2007 Personal Message


See Personal Updates/2006

11/24/06 Update

10/22/06 Update

10/3/2006 Update

9/13/2006 Back to School Update

8/29/2006 Back to School Update

8/5/2006 Update

6/14/2006 End of the Year! Update