Outlook dropped in Student and Teacher!

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My letter to Jensen Harris of the Office 2007 (Microsoft) UI department entitled Outlook dropped in Student and Teacher! --Plaz 20:20, 19 April 2006 (EDT)

First, I want to say I read every one of your posts. It is very interesting what Microsoft is doing in the UI department. You are finally getting real world data and getting rid of those "adaptive" feature most people hate.

Secondly, I know this isn't your department, but I am mad that Outlook is being dropped from Student and Teacher, in favor of OneNote. I agree with adding OneNote. Although, I never used it it sounds benifital to students. However, if you don't have a tablet, or can't bring a laptop to class, it is not much help. Again, I have never used it. (PS How has the UI changed in that? Why don't you talk about that. I know it is outside the core programs most people use, but by adding it to S+T, it will get more exposure.)

Still, I am really mad that you are dropping Outlook! I use that program the most out of all of the 4 S+T 2003 programs. I always have it open. I know that most teens have myspaces and use "cool" web email programs, and don't care in the like. But Outlook keeps me organized. I am more of a geek (reading these posts, yes) and try to be organized. Outlook really helps. [If I buy S+T, can I keep Outlook 2003?] I know you haven't made too much improvement in Outlook this time verses Outlook 2003 with Reading Panes. But, why not throw in Outlook as well! People can uninstall it if they don't want it (not like anyone really does)

I'm excited for Office 2007. This is the first real time you are using the customer data, right? Most people don't use most of the features in Office. I couldn't live without most of them. This will be a big change, as I know know where everything is with my custom toolbars and macros. And I keep finding new ones (like shadows for objects) These changes in '07 will change the business world (and make PowerPoints better. I saw the Vancouver one or where ever that was)

PPS. Add text to the delete button in Outlook. I think that it is image only in 2003. I added the text just because it makes the button bigger and therefore easier to hit. (That MUST be the most used command in Outlook; make it BIG!)

--Michael Plasmeier (ThePlaz.com) [Freshmen in High School and loyal user of Office}