Palm Pre 1.1 Wishlist


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Stuff to Improve from v1.1

  • Calendar: Agenda view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super bonus points for agenda view on the Touchstone screen (lots of spare room)!!!!!!!!! The accordion calendar is cool. It just needs some tweaks. If a calendar day is completely free say that. Try adding accordion to the start and end of a day (then you get kinda like an agenda except with accordions, especially if you can scroll through days [scrolling past midnight goes to Tomorrow 1AM])
  • Email Notifications: Please, please, please list each email notification individually. Now if I get 2 email messages, I will only see 1, I have to open up the app to read the other. Many of my emails are mass mailings that I don't want to read. I can clear the notification if I don't want to read it, or tap to open it. This might be a problem is a user receives a lot of mail, but should be an option for some.
  • Touchstone: Allow me to turn off screen on Touchstone. If I am sleeping I do not want to see light.
  • Music: I listen to podcasts almost exclusively. Scrubbing please! Remember my spot (or add an explicit bookmark) and delete files (those now that I found PrePod I don't really care about these)
  • Browser: Make the back gesture work in landscape mode (even if it is the same place on the device and an up or down). Because we have gestures we don't need back/forward buttons. DON'T auto refresh when I go back to page that has been there a few hours. If I wanted to refresh, I would have hit the button. Oh and how could I forget: OPENING ATTACHMENTS!
  • Backup: Everything! The Palm Pre is the first smart phone that is no computer needed. This is a major innovation! I should be able to log in with my Palm Profile and get a restored device.
  • Music: Some way to do online (so truly no computer needed). This would be hard since there is no online client due to RIAA bullying.
  • Photos: Faster loading of photos list.
  • Visual Voice Mail, Better Battery Life, and Google Maps Street View and Latitude: +1

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