Pearl: A Byproduct of Sin


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English 11 The Scarlet Letter Essay Topic

I changed essay topics so this outline is now abandoned


Working Thesis: Pearl exists as a persistent and annoying symbol of the sin between Hester and Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter. (change "annoying")

  • living reminder
  • her activities and manners show this
    • demon child
    • maybe a devil
      • more community scorn
    • sin produces sin
  • symbols big in romance novels
    • shows an alternate reality - not realism
  • purity
    • torments mother
    • doesn't understand twisted adult world
    • "more honest then adults"
  • focuses on "A"
    • raises questions about the letter often
    • always pointing it out
    • doesn't go to mother when she doesn't have it
  • bad to Dimmesdale because he won't talk about his sin
  • successful after book
    • becomes normal
    • very rich
    • marries and lives happily every after
    • (symbolism?)