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Jump to: navigation, search is a blog by Sean Maguire hosted on It contains Sean's opinion on the Phillies, their minor league teams, and sometimes (rarely) other teams that call Philadelphia home. The blog got it's 100th hit on 12/15/07 at an unknown time. Previously, the site used to be an informative website hosted on GeoCities, before converting to a blog.

The site was registered on Top100 baseball sites, on 12/16/07, and cracked the top 100 on February 5th, earning the 98th spot. Prior to this date, has bounced in and out of the Top 200. The lowest it reached was 205 (at it's premier on 12/17/07), and the highest of all time was 89 on 2/10/07.

On 1/21/2008, a Facebook page was created for, and has five fans besides Sean himself.

Since January 10th, has been searching for minor volunteer contributors. Requirements are a Phillies fanhood, a WordPress account, and a general love of baseball.

After several on-again-off-again negotiations, has been announced as an official blog in the MLBHUB networks, as of 3/21/07. The site's Hub URL is, and is owned by the company. Other choices discussed included:,,, as well as the ever-classic,

  • Have a Myspace profile

Future Plans

  • Create a Wikipedia article
  • A Facebook group (note- this is different from a Page. A Page is a place where the product's information is, while a group is just that--A group of people talking about a given topic).
  • The creator is in the process of making an ad to be placed on sites such as Facebook, (also run by The's webmaster Michael Plasmeier), Baseball Reference, The Baseball Cube, and many others.
  • A Phillies wiki (a site similar is also in the works.