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English 10 Response to Quote 4th draft

Nuvola apps important.png Only a DRAFT!

May change/be updated - still in progress - may still contain inaccuracies

Actions speak to everyone, while thoughts can speak only to the few who choose to listen and think about them. Politicians are always making complicated verbal promises, but few can keep them. Words can be used to murky meanings, while actions usually clarify. In this global word, we speak thousands of languages. In addition, very few people have a college education (thoughtful few). Actions, however, speak to everyone, no matter their education, language, or county of origin. Political candidates frequently make vague promises. However, they are not always able to keep those promises. They also use big words which can confuse people; as well as little words that can be interpreted in many different ways. Politicians’ positions on an issue are not always clear. Educated analyzers are needed to figure out where a candidate stands by carefully evaluate their speeches. All this is cleared up however, when the politicians make actions, such as vote for a bill in Congress. The politicians intentions become crystal clear. Remember, words don’t actually do anything. The hard part is the action.

Revolutions throughout history show people change can happen. Wealthy, educated men sitting around talking about change does not actually change anything. However, the actions of a people, which can clearly be interpreted, can change the world. Words can only help. Seeing the chop, chop of a guillotine during the French Revolution, the peasants were thrown into a revolutionary fervor. They when out and brought change to the whole monarchy system, which is now 300 plus years later in ruin. In the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, the students did not just talk about revolution, they acted. They did not sit silently around studding book, the risked their lives for their cause. The photograph of “Tank Man” or the lone person who dared to stop the Chinses tanks showed action. This famous photograph is now in all of our heads. It does not need to be transladed and is well remembered around the world. This unknown man’s “great actions” spoke to all of humankind through this photograph. I’m sure this would not of happened, if he only wrote down his discontent with the communist party.

Words are spoken in different languages around the world. Actions, however, speak in one. In addition a college degree is often required to find out what people are saying, let alone what they mean. Anyone, at any ability, can deduce the meaning of actions. Words confuse, while actions clarify. Words can be translated into a different language, but lose some of their meaning. Actions, however, do not. They retain their full power anywhere; they can speak to all of humankind. 1st para repetitive

Words themselves have no power; they need action. While reading Shakespeare, at least for me, it is very hard to understand. We even have Shakespearean scholars. All they do is read those plays and try to find their meanings. Most people, I believe, can not easily figure out what the words mean while reading. However, when you see the plays performed, with the action added, whole scenes become clearer. I have experienced this many times, and I think many others have too. You need the actions to complete the meaning of complicated plays, stories, and speeches. This is why I believe that “Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all humankind.” Politicians try to cover all of their bases, but their actions clarify their points. Revolutions around the world would not have happened with just talking. The “great actions” of leaders is needed to provoke change. Shakespeare becomes so much clearer when it is performed rather then just read. Actions are better then words, especially when great actions inspire all of humankind.