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So I was looking for a way to control my tablet's screen brightness. http://www.facebook.com/home.php There are several utilities in in the "C:\Program Files\Fujitsu\Utils" folder.


Simple Switch

"BrightnessSwitch.exe" will toggle the tablet between current brightness and minimum brightness. Normally this is the default brightness set by your power settings. With my power settings, when it is plugged in, it cycles between maximum and minimum brightness. When it is running on battery, I have it set to go to half brighness. "BrightnessSwitch.exe" makes the computer switch between that half brightness and minimum brightness. If you adjust brightness with the Fn + F6 or Fn + F7 buttons it will toggle between the previously selected brightness and minimum brightness.

I added a shortcut to this application to the quick launch bar in Windows Vista, but you can also set it to run based off a hardware button. You can also have it as a desktop shortcut or pin it on the start menu.


In "%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll" there is a really good icon of a screen half black and half white. I used this for the brightness switch function. Fujitsu does not provide a good icon.

Up and Down Control

I used this for a while, but I wanted to be able to customize the brightness while in tablet mode. I searched online and I could not find anything. I tried AutoIt v3 but this can not emulate the Fn key.

I then turned back to the Fujitsu Utils folder. "FjBright.exe" when clicked on only brings up the green brightness bar, but does not change anything. It seemed like I was on the right track however. I then tried to create a shortcut for it and in the "target" field I tried to add a flag "-u". This brought up a menu explaining commands:


  • /UP brightness up
  • /DOWN brightness down
  • /MAX maximum brightness
  • /MIN minimum brightness


This is optional and if given it will only adjust if the computer is in this state.

  • BOTH (I assume must have a battery in AND plugged in)
  • PRESENT (default) Basically all of the time (state should be ignored)

So if you change the target to: you can put the brightness up one interval.

"C:\Program Files\Fujitsu\Utils\FjBright.exe" /UP


Fujitsu even provides icons in the Utils folder.

  • brightness_max.ico
  • brightness_min.ico