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Nuvola Skin

Writing instructions for this skin

Hello "Plaz" thank you for opening this page to new accounts just for me. I would love to figure out how in the world you made this gorgeous skin. Ultimately I would like to incorporate the skin into our existing Monaco skin on our two sites:


Our editors are very particular about keeping wikia's old skin Monaco, we left wikia because of them getting rid of Monaco. For now, all I would like to do is install your skin as an altertive. The Monaco conversion I can work on with other editors later....

In return for helping me install this skin, I can write an extremely detailed instruction manual for others to adapt this skin. I have been editing wikis for six years with over 150,000 edits. I have rewritten several of the mediawiki pages.

I attempted to install this skin on my own wiki, and was unable to get it to even show up as an option in preferences. Any help would be most appreciated! Anno1404 03:41, 28 November 2011 (EST)