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Interesting that your method of note taking is dependent upon the delivery format of the course and/or instructor. Hard to work electronically when others do not. It is what I have surmised as well. In education, we still have one foot in the paper age & one foot in the digital age. It is a totally new way of thinking for many and this change does not come about easily. So....we are still in the business of teaching others, or exposing others, to ways of working electronically. It is in our best interest to help others along this path as we will all benefit in the end...........and you will be able to have one method for taking notes! --The preceding was a comment by my school's director of technology

I always had different ways of taking notes for each class (at least different ways of writing on paper). In American Students, I did the Headline method; in psychology I wrote on provided PowerPoints. In PreCalc, I just wrote stuff down. But I don't want to just use the computer for the point of using the computer. I want to find something that will work for me. I am now a week through 12th Grade and I am using the computer all day. I will post more about my experiences with that later.--ThePlaz 18:25, 7 September 2008 (EDT)


Feedback from English 12 teacher

from revision 11516
  • very long and extensive
  • very detailed and extensive
  • Could get rid of half
  • review of OneNote could shorten
  • isearch with research

Story idea

  • Work on the story that is embedded deep in it
  • 20 years in the future
  • my life in the future - processing info
  • looking for the perfect notebook
  • A light sided fictional article
  • kid out of time - blessed and cursed living 5 years in advance looking for the perfect notebook
  • Living with 20th century world
  • Worked for me and others
  • pride
  • innovator
  • w/o regard willing to try tech
    • but ran into problems
    • other people are stuck in the analog world
  • how do you find something to work in an analog world
  • notebook of his dreams

Human Angle

  • Make them ask: Who is that person?
  • non-fiction
  • put in more of the human angle (me)
  • How I deal with it
    • senior, kid, working through it
  • I don't want something aware of itself as a college essay
  • I want to be authentic
  • Is now: a blog post style; type of writing done in the field
    • Go with it


  • he likes it
  • includes me
  • be more effective
    • tech makes more effective
    • makes me a better thinker
  • tech improves human goals
    • means to a end
    • profound ways to make it work
    • revolutionize job
    • better student
  • To do the classwork
  • That is lost now with CFF

--ThePlaz 09:59, 15 September 2008 (EDT)

Final Feedback from English 12 teacher

"Your essay was fantastic. Your preparation and commitment to good work is honorable. A full 100% to you." -10/1/2008